Producer Exposes Fake Industry Beef

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Producer Exposes Fake Industry Beef
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Description: His beat was removed from the MGK/Trippie Redd album? Here’s his side.
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This producer had a beat on a major album, The Trippie Redd and MGK project, but got kicked off because of a tweet. But this producer claims it was all a plot by the label to create controversy.

00:00 – Beat Removed From Album?
00:19 – What is Kai Doing?
02:33 – Labels Set This Producer Up
05:51 – This Was Good Marketing
12:23 – Why The Labels Chose THIS Producer
14:24 – They Threatened Him Over His Tweets
15:46 – Why Did MGK and Trippie Redd Keep Responding?
17:35 – Did He Actually Have a Beat on the Album?!
18:53 – Ghost Producers Exposed
20:36 – Does He Regret The Lie?
22:51 – Link With Kai
23:53 – Erinn’s Message to Kai

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