Common, Pete Rock – Wise Up (Official Music Video)

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Common, Pete Rock – Wise Up (Official Music Video)
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Description: Wise Up is the past, present, and future happening all at once:

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Visual ideation: ILLIMITÉWORLD
Director: Marleaux Desiré
Co Director: Phillip Miller
Still Photography/Creative Director: Alonzo Hellerbach
Executive Producer: Ryan Hahn
Producer: Ross Ginsberg
DP: Alexander Huynh
1st AD: Jayson Williams
Production Coordinator: Mark Gower
1st AC: Brian Molloy
2nd AC/Loader: Gabriel Contreras
Key Grip: Cole Frasher
Production Designer: James Hayden
PA: Mufasa Daddou
PA: Jason Mukendi
Set Security: Jerell White
Set Security: Darryl Adams
Editor: Marleaux Desiré
Production Co: HPLA Creative
Director: Adam Farrell
Casting Director: Ariona Beninato
Casting Assistant: Ivan Aranda
Chess Grandmaster: James Jeffrey
Mom: Shanaya Ortiz
Twins: Ayden & Jaden
Fighters: Mali Gibbs, Ackeil Lamothe
5 Percenter: God Allah Shah
Police Officer: Mike Muniz
Gym Extras: Askia, Sha

Three wise man
Came to visit where i’ve been
they brought gifts with a south side blend
One hand hennessy
The other a book of street ministry
The third gave a mirror
And told me to remember me
Assemblies of similes and metaphors
Analogies that’s analog the reservoirs
I come from niggas got that dog in em
They become Gods
No longer with hog in em
I saw venom in the eyes of a snake
The Solomon for common men
i wise up the place
Like a prize in a race
That boy hold the metal
by the Scars on his face
I can tell he know the ghetto
Where we both trying to get to
It ain’t coincidental
His on the street
Mine is over instrumentals
The Lord send my mental to be more than sentimental
The ventricles that i vent through
Are temples of what i’ve been through

Why don’t you wise up
Show all the people in the place

Holy ground and pillars
Lord willers , drug dealers
Monks with keys
That Go-realer , Chicago-iller
Some know Dilla
Rich cars fulfill us
Parent try to get their kids to 18
So they will us
Young ins is restless
Investment in vestes
My man ain’t from Dallas
But he know where the techs is
Hold ‘em
My poker face is golden
Pedigree of a legacy that’s Stolen
Wise like the old man
With food in his beard
And when he cry freedom
It’s jewels in his tears
Blues and the beers
Outside interferes
A sleuth for the truth
It’s clues in the years
I unruled the fears ,
So that i can get Biz
Like the diabolical
And do the improbable
That anything is possible
Ill but it’s logical
Touched by black angels
So you can feel the molecules

Why don’t you wise up
Show all the people in the place

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